Saturday, November 23, 2013

the twenty third

Ho Chi Minh baby! It has been a year since I went to HCM, and i absolutely missed the place. I don't know what is about the place that makes me miss it so much. It's a good combination of being away from Singapore, the food, the friendliness of all the people, the food, the women, the culture, and the food. But this post is not going to be about food. I try my best not to do too much food photography. Although it is something that I might consider in the near future...

So here is HCM!

This is the Mekong river... there were people fishing in the Mekong river... that is all.

This is one of those shots where it was a perfect moment. This man was sitting in the park and there was a good breeze, meditating... I wish there were leaves falling as he meditated there. I didn't know whether to make it a BW or colour.... so I did both!

So I was walking around the church area, opera area, hotel area, every-freakin' area... and there were so many couples getting their wedding pictures taken. Figured I would see what the fuss was all about.

The next four shots is Notre Dame Cathedral.

This is from Pho Hoa. I absolutely love this guy's pho. Located on 260C Pasteur road. 

So the next two photos are a bunch of actors doing a scene, and the camera crew for the scene.

 The surprising thing about HCM, and someone has to educate me on this.... every single tree is marked with numbers. .... whhhhyyyyy??? does it matter if a park has 100 trees as opposed to 103? Nevertheless, it was still quite intriguing. 

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