Thursday, July 10, 2014

the thirty second

Part two continues... 

The following are various photos from Tempus Two. Their wine is quite decent. Although I'm not a wine connoisseur (I just love drinking), their Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Sauvignon is pretty darn good. And I don't get paid by them to advertise.

Now, this vineyard, Tulloch, is amazing.. I always spend too much money when I shop there. Get the Verscato. I think I bought 4 bottles from them this time round.

This place sounds like 'whore house'. Establishment is located in Maitland. An interesting suburb around the Hunter Valley region. 

A couple walking down the streets of Maitland.

This shot was taken by sudden. There was no posing done. He looks like a Bollywood star. 

Oh lookie! flowers!

One of the only bottles I bought without even looking at the price. I was half drunk too.

A view from Peterson's vineyard. I never fail to come here whenever taking the trip up. The view is absolutely breathtaking. Sometimes wish that I had a proper wide angle lens. 

Beauty upon beauty...

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