Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the thirty third

So last weekend, I went to the Aroma festival in Sydney. This festival highlights the coffee culture within the city and showcases the gourmet coffee brewsters and their roasts. 

A view from atop the Shangri La Sydney

The Rocks at the Aroma festival. It was real crowded.

A man and his foto-box. What this guy does is that he goes around at events and he gives away pictures for free. Don't know whether he has a website though. FYI, this is not a marketing gimmick for him, and should he request me to take down this picture, I will.

So this was the photo that came out of the box. I think it looks pretty good actually. Its free and gives memories. 

Just a few baristas and their love for the art. 

I bet this guy knew I was taking a photo of him.

So I proposed this weekend to this wonderful girl. A couple of head shots of her at the Aroma festival, sporting a sparkling gift...

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