Sunday, August 3, 2014

the thirty fourth

Today, I decided to take a walk around Sydney's most iconic landmark - the Opera House. For more information about the opera house, you can kindly direct yourself to their website =) Within this walk around, there were a lot of opportunities for pattern type pictures, and a section will be dedicated to the patterns of the Opera House.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with the sun beating down on the waves and presented very good contrast to the building. Aussies (and tourists) took to the elegant Opera House and made a day out of it.

Looking through the glass.

And now comes the patterns, tons of them. I didn't realise that the Opera House was made of tiles on the outside. It felt like marble.  Patterns, patterns and more patterns....

And more...

After a walk around and the pictures, this seagull decided to keep me company... Either that or it wanted my beer. 

And the entertainment from the bar below the Opera House - called Opera Bar. He started his first set with 'Ain't No Sunshine' and it was amazing..

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