Monday, October 6, 2014

the thirty fifth

So I was bored and decided to take a walk towards Darling Harbour one Saturday evening. Its a nice area for tourists, and especially people with young children, because there are theme parks all around the harbour. The food, on the other hand, is another thing altogether. Thank goodness Chinatown is around the corner. So if you enjoy having a drink/meal by the pier, Darling Harbour might be just the place for you. And there are some nice night haunts as well. So en route to Darling Harbour is Chinatown and I got a couple of shots.

A couple of young buskers. I thought they were adorable.

Supposedly this alleyway is one of the five famous alleys in Sydney's CBD.

People dancing outside the convention hall. This is actually a class conducted by 'professional' dancers. I heard people actually pay to attend these classes. Out in the open, not in a studio, and everything is cash on hand. Sounds pretty profitable if you ask me.

Fountains and water... gotta catch them all.

A park at the Quarter. Its huge. It has slides. It has circular thingies. It has things on ropes where it moves you from A to B. It has wailing children. It has a sand box. It has those rope climbing things too. And it has a mini fountain where kids run in and get wet. Did I mention the wailing children?

And Darling Harbour.

Under the bridge shots. I love symmetry and lines. Probably one of my better shots in awhile.

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